Redcamel Systems

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Welcome to the new Redcamel Systems Software House


Recamel Systems is here to service small businesses and is well placed to service the golf industry.

Developing using Bootstrap means that we can create websites in a fraction of the time it takes conventionally.

Where a conventional development is required we can do that too or simply outsource the build and project manage it on your behalf.


Foundation of our development - here is an example of the tecnology which Alan develops in - it is extremely fast and effective.

The InfoNet shown below is part of the Code Academy which Alan is developing for The Bideford Centre in Baguley, Alan volunteers there as a web master setting up the computer section and developing on-line learning. Alan no longer attends the centre as he works full time and has passed over control of the site to the resident technician.

Alan's fund raising now includes raising sufficient funds to buy a new laptop for the centre - so contribute today.


As an outsourcing agency we aim to give you choice - here are some if our agents.

The Erica Society

The Erica Society was Alan's Company Charity (BBCommuniSYS Limited) - it is still active and can recieve funds. Contribute now and you will support one of Alan's Sport Aid projects

The Erica Society Supports many charities, distributing funds by proportional giving. We do not accept cash as this is not accountable. Please support our cause(s).