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Get a refund on your bill every year by becoming a Forest404 Collaborator.

On 25 Jan 2023 the Infonet was launched as - To celebrate this event Magnacarta has been launched a website delivering Erica Broadband to every city in the uk - celebrating golf.

Magnacarta Manchester
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                  Wake Up to an Amazing new world where you can start up a new business in an hour and create your own Payroll / Stock recording sytem / Shop / GRN System / Picking List and Gross Requirement / Assemply Orders Release - Become a cottage industry where you can sell Chrismas Cards thouough Amazon of supply they into Tesco

                  Have your Childs drawings coverted to Cristmas cards for your fammily cristmas letter - Write you letter as a Propopage Document and give your family a password - save on print costs.

                  Be Agile keep your family up to date with Nightly/ Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly/Bi Monthly/Half Yearly/Yearly Updates - Set in Protopage a calandar when you want to contact your family.

                  If you are suffering from cancer - dont let the flies get at you - don't die and go unnoticed for weeks - Let Pegasus be yor carer. Let Infinity care be yoour carer if you ont have family we will set up a database to expect your daily call - in case you have a fall.

                  For Manchester Grammar School we have created a broadband busines - it is a service that will get student involved in business in the meta verse.

                  The will create a website called like


                  BT Broadband speed broadband discounted to £24.99 when purchase with an Infinity Discount Card worth £7,000

                  Condition of sale that you take a Forest404 website and that you start to use Forest404 as a search engine and that you will donate £35 to The Erica Society Foundation trust so that you make Stratbox cheaper than curries

                  You will then be eligible to receive commision as a My Studdy Buddies contributor and will qualify to join BSG Elite Universit for SSNA and become a web developer within 3 months as an Associate Consultant for Red Octopus Business Services

                  This is the perfect opportunity for the Unemployed or the Over 50's to save money.

                  Get your child ready for work - join the Meta Verse and become a we programmer - we will teach you how to become an Agile Product Owner / Scrum Master i 3 months.You will start your own virtual reality meteverse company and create Christmas Cards that you can sell at Tesco

                  in doing so you raise Funds for the following charities


                      The Chistie

                      Erica Cancer Care

                        Erica Tree Foundation - Oak House

                        Phone: 07535188264

                        Use Calyspo learn Angular and to see what the website of Project Nimrod should be.