Redcamel Systems


The plan of action


Read this very carefully for it is core to the development ethos of Redcamel Systems.

When operating under the banner of Community Guardian / Digital Champion projects are allowed to drift. There are no rules attached and the client goes at his / her own pace.

There are no rewards for achievement and there are no penalties for wasted time. No matter what you do, no matter how poor you are we will not abandon hope and we will still be here when you have given up.

Should you decide that an undertaking is required and that monies will exchange hands then things are different

You will be put under pressure to deliver your end of the bargain and supply the materials needed to construct your build.

Outlined here are the steps to success - we do not allow projects to drift.

Phase I

Phase 1 will be conducted under the watchfull eye of a Communitity Guardian / Digital Champion - you will have already paid 1/3 of the agreed costs of Phase I and II. You will recieve 30 hours free support at the cost of 60 pound per hour. Alraedy making this a 1,800 pound project.

During this phase InfoNet / InfoLab sessions will be conducted on a nightly basis - harvesting materials created by the client and delivering a White as Milk website which the purpose of which is to Quality Assure all the graphics.

The transfer of web objects will be done via the Socrates process described on our Foundation page, This will ensure that all parties are singing off the same hymn sheet.

Phase II

This is what we shall call the web experience phase. The white as milk project will be converted into InfoNet format and integrated into SSNA arciteecture.

The web experience and Mobile Experience should then be approved.

When the Graphics have been signed off this will trigger second payment and release to the Primary Site Developer.

Reviewing the InfoNet the primary developer should be able to provide significantly reduced costs as the source is available to him/her.

It should also be noted that all site links will have been tested during White as Milk

Phase III

Product Build - The process of creating the finished article.

Phase IV

Sign Off - Where final payment is made.

Phase V

Ongoing support and development - changes as and when required paid at hourly rate.

The Key to success.

Like decorrating a room the key is in the preparation. The work done in the White As Milk Phase is where the work is done. Allowing a period of 30 days is well sufficient. Extending over the 30 days will incure project penalties at £60 per hour.