The story behind Pathway is one of documentation standards. By implementing flowharting you will present yourself a visualisation of your system. Bootstrap is then the ideal tool to take you on to the next stage of producing a Procedure / Training Manual.

Adopting this approach you are presented with the perfect vehicle for negotiation with the IT Development team to investigate areas where some automation may be introduced.

The development of Standard Text is one area where significant improvements can be made - Pathway presents this opportunity.

It just so happens that Pathway lends itself to the development of a simple quiz. In reality a pathway document could have mulitple exits and terminators.

In this example there are just two ways out - one good the other bad. Once you have moved off the correct Pathway there is no way back. In real world procedures there may well be recovery routes.

I have here defined a skeleton document before the questions are added - you will see that I have introduced +/- signs in the answers to help you find the correct path.

Note : in the real world this approach of developing a quiz would not be recommended due to the ease of breaking into the code to find the correct answer - remember that this is a simple example of the power of Bootstrap to develop Training and Procedure Manuals.

Bootstrap Infonet

Bootstrap Basics can be found in the Infonet which we have developed for you. Simply look at the examples, display the source and cut / paste where you want to build your pages.


The Quiz is an adaptation of the Pathway code which we have defined as the way forward for the implementation of AI. Only by flowcharting and modelling procedures can you be sure that the correct code is developed.