UML Lite - Systems Architecture

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This program has been derived from a simple telephone directory in Angular - the code is only two lines deep.

It is an example of one of the modern languages which I have avoided learning for many years as I have no desire to become a computer programmer.

However as an Analyst I find tools like this invaluable.

When you are faced with a major problem you require radical thought processes.

You may be faced with one of your key players leaving the company or a work load that is becoming unmanageable and you believe that systems development is required.

In both cases you need the support of a Systems Architect that can analyse the business processes.

A good Architect will soon get to grips with complex issues and will commence a table of all the functions that an individual performs. He will then map the functions to business processes and that will give you the scope for either a Training System or a Database Solution.

In this exercise we will show how Angular can be used as a quick reference guide to business processes by evaluating Signatures

A Signature is a string of variables derived from an input process that either examines flags or strings of data

Where a business process has as input, say, 7 varaibles this would lead to many instruction sets, an instruction set being a number of functions

By pasing this table to the client youa are in fact passing control of the business analysis to the client which will be the scoping of the project

When it comes to programming a good programmer will place the business rules into a control table such that the client can control what functionas are performed by changing the table.

When it comes to testing it is a simple case of identifying every function and at lesy one business process associated with it - the test startegy should be driven towards testing functions.

I have here introduced two meyhods of classification - one by compley Signature and one by simple business function description

This should give you your grounding for your training plans

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