June 24 2021 09:00:00 - Nimrod has been the pet name for priority projects by Design House for many years - This is the first Nimrod Application to be launched under the name Nimrod.


Thie first phase of our MVC/SQL Server exercise is called Nimrod for The Golf Hub. This fist phase will be in thge public domain - by that i mean anybody will have access to set up the golf hub.

In Phase 2 - What we shall call Q Core we will lock down access by Establishment role - The roles being 1. Hyper Administrator 2. Administrator 3. User (Client) 4. Competition Organiser.

Phase 3 We shal call Zues - Having established Q Core it will give us licence to expand - which we shall do with Shady Hollow Virtual CeMeter.

Q Core

Here are the applications that we are looking to develop in MVC / SQL Server. We will keep Nimrod Under the Red Camel Systems url and have the MVC/SQL done under - Documentation will be under