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Note: This webpage has been produced by Notepad utilising source retrieved from the Hitec Computers website developed by LV Media in Cheadle - it is an example of the Active Web Presence that Hitec should be adopting to further their business.

Your business would benefit from having an Active Web Presence and an InfoNet

Red Camel Systems can produce for you a 50 page Bootstrap responsive website for just £300

For your Visually rich pages we will need the sevices of our partners.

My Name is Alan - I have been involved in the IT Industry for over 40 years.

I now operate out of Hitec Computers as a Freelance Consultant

I will produce for you an Active Web Presence for just £60 and leave you self sufficient in your own web delivery.

I will introduce you to the Free Services which are available to you which make web development a pleasure,

For the more complex issues of database design and visually rich websites I have a team ready to service your needs.

Red Octopus operates out of Hitec Computers in Cheadle - you can book time with Redcamel Systems via this message page to Hitec or directly through to Red Octopus.

We are prepared to do home visits where we will commence your product build in your own home.

One of the Red Octopus Initiatives is The Manchester Discount Card - Hitec Computers are a member of this scheme and will offer you discount when membership of the scheme is shown. Membership to the Discount Scheme costs just £7 and is available from Hitec Computers

We aim to work closely with LV Media in Cheadle who manage the Hitec Web Site.

By extending their services to include Active Web Pages - Which this site is - will give you value for money.

The production of Content Rich, Bootstrap, Infonet Pages is well within your skills set with a little instruction and support from us you could achieve great things.

Address: 4 Parklands Road, Baguley, Manchester M23 0GB
Phone: 0161 998 2637 Mobile : 079 39 5252 18

Hours: Evenings and Weekends Only


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